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Learn the  mental gymnastics to change the tone in

your cyber-powered home to

argue less, love more and build trust:


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In the network culture, where it is easy to believe you can simply “Google” anything you think you need to know, everyone with access to the internet needs to think like the quarterback. So this means we must consider our children to be emerging executives and ourselves, the parents, as household executives.

Every child born after 1990 is a digital native, and must learn how NOT to give up their power to the bully, the drug and the device.

These are lessons learned at home. It is the authority in me and you and in our children to hit the reset button, to get a Fresh Start in a “topsy-turvy, anything goes” network culture. It is the spiritual resilience that comes from one mustard seed of faith that makes a free society possible: one Sovereign Deity, one God grants every individual intelligence and free will and that is power that can never be taken, but is easily surrendered. So no matter your faith, Christian, Muslim, Judaism  or Buddhism, we cannot make our children embrace our beliefs, but we can impart the wisdom of our chosen faith by engaging their intellect and will as God does: with Divine Love.

Parents are the primary teachers for life in the social network

Fresh Start Family Culture Builder for Household Executives is a crash course for every modern parent to learn how to create a home environment characterized by trust, open communication and individual resilience. Designed to help parents create a family culture to foster open communication with their children and teach them to “stand their ground” and be secure in love while navigating a hyper-connected world, this is a train-the-trainer curriculum for parents seeking self-help, educators, faith leaders and mental health care professionals. To learn more about parent self help, go to Fresh Start and to learn more about certification to lead workshops go to Trainer Certification. You can purchase your copy of the manual below.



Kim Fredrickson, M.S., is a marriage and family therapist in Roseville, California who teaches self-compassion as a fundamental way to reinforce our capacity to relate to others. Check out her book: Building a Compassionate Relationship with Yourself.

Kim Fredrickson, M.S.

“Fresh Start is profound in its simplicity… I encourage you to buy this book and dig into its principles. Don’t let our cyber-culture take time and relationship away from your family.” —

Kim Fredrickson, MFT and author of Give Yourself a Break: Turning Your Inner Critic into a Compassionate Friend (2015)



Cyber Safety for Kids and Families on TheFish103.9FM

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 Banana Moments Foundation is a non-profit education center founded in Roseville, CA to strengthen the parent-child bond in a hyper-connected world. The BMF mission is to restore families with the mustard seed of faith that declares liberty already belongs to the soul because one God grants every human being intelligence and free will and that is power that can never be taken, but is easily surrendered to the bully, the drug or the device. To that end, ten percent of all BMF proceeds are donated to prison ministries. Your Donations are greatly appreciated.


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About Joanna Jullien

Joanna Jullien

Joanna (jullien@surewest.net) and her husband have raised two sons in Roseville, CA. She has a degree from U.C. Berkeley in Social Anthropology (corporate culture). Her honors thesis was awarded the Kroeber Prize and funding from National Science Foundation grant. Joanna writes to help parents with the modern-day leadership challenges of raising children. She is a contributing writer for The Granite Bay View, the Press Tribune, the Sacramento Examiner, and editor of Banana Moments.