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Top 3 things kids need to know about creating on-line profiles


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2016 CA on-line privacy laws: What you & the government can do to protect your family’s privacy

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Tips for teens: Why professionalism sets you up for success at the workplace

Understanding parent power behind texting and driving

Parental authority in the network – how the cyber-powered world we live in creates a crisis and opportunity to relate to and lead our children.

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YourSphere kids-only network

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The Reason for the season is the secret to order and peace at home

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Parenting children who know too much

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CyberParenting blind spots

Parental authority for educating children

Parents trump technology for safe teen drivers

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‘Judgy’ parenting can promote poor digital citizenship

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Cyber-powered commercialism & the Justin Bieber-backed bank card

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Making a BRAVE Society to stop the cyberbully

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How to ‘like’ your child in the social network

How forgiveness disables the cyberbully

The top three things parents do to prepare their children for the internet

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