Top 3 things kids need to know about creating on-line profiles

Monday, February 29th, 2016
Knowing how to use technology and knowing how to use it wisely to benefit you are two very different things. Tech-savvy kids need guidance on content and appropriate sharing. These are boundaries that promote personal security and build resilience. Your aim as the parent is to instill personal discipline, based upon your beliefs and values, that make it possible for your child to have a reasonably trouble-free on-line experience, and create an on-line profile that is an asset. Below are some conversation tips to help your child be wise in creating on-line profiles.

Choosing the right devices for your child and family

Monday, January 12th, 2015
Last week CES 2015 unveiled a lot of new gadgets and devices. Virtually everything in the daily life of family and business can be connected to the web. This includes our children’s beds, wrist watches and glasses. More than ever we are challenged to discern the where, when, how and why we would decide gather and share personal data ranging from videos to photos and thoughts. Internet connectivity is a ubiquitous, integral part of daily life. And when it comes to purchasing a mobile device for your child, there are a lot of choices and considerations ranging from smart phones to tablets and mobile PCs, like Microsoft Surface. How can a parent make a good choice? Is it based upon what the child wants or what is popular among their peers?

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Joanna Jullien

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