Nicolas’ Garden: Healthy eating app created by kids for kids

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013
Nicolas Come was a picky eater and his Dad, Stephane, didn’t want to make food an issue. “I knew I couldn’t force feed him,” his Dad said. “So I decided to educate him about food and the value of food. We started a garden and he became very interested in food for good health.” Shortly thereafter, Nicolas wanted to start a company to share what he was learning with other children. According to his Dad, Come kept bringing him the laptop asking him for help to start a company. “I am a technologist,” his Dad said, “And he wanted me to build an app.” So his Dad took him to a Hack-A-Thon at the Sacramento Hacker Lab where people with ideas pitch to a crowd of technologists, designers and marketing professionals to solicit support. The then six-year-old Come stood on a chair in front of 200 people and declared that he wanted to solve the health crisis of kids not heating nutritious foods, and declared his vision for an app that would allow kids to share and comment on healthy and tasty recipes. It was clear that he wanted to start a kids’ movement for eating healthy.

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