Parenting in the network monthly round up: Banana Moments (January 2013)

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

Joanna Jullien
“‘Banana Moments’ is the term I use to describe all the curve balls and surprises of parenting in the network. Some are humorous and interesting others are gut wrenching. There has never been a more challenging and rewarding time to be a parent.” Photo: Christi Benz

I trust this finds everyone off to a great start to the New Year! 2013 brings more changes to Banana Moments, which include 1) a monthly news round up edition (like this one) published between the quarterly editions, and 2) the quarterly editions will be web-based. No more PDFs. (Note: The 2013 winter edition of Banana Moments: Family Business Quarterly is coming out at the end of February.)


This past year we have witnessed more extreme anxiety and behavior as we concluded the year with the tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.

No doubt this will be a year to strike a balance between what we must expect of ourselves as individuals and a society. There will be passionate cries for action whether it be more gun control and parental control with regard to the unthinkable things our children can do. And yet it remains that the one thing every parent and child can do is hold ourselves accountable for our individual thoughts and actions. The bully culture encourages us to believe that the power is not within – it is with other people. So it tells us we need to be more controlling of others’ actions, or that we are powerless to resist the angry urges to “get even” when we feel wronged. It is quite simply, giving power to insecurity. There can be no peace when we act out of anxiety or fear.

(For more about confronting the bully with genuine authority, go to The Authority In Me.)

Extreme parenting has become a hot topic, as over-functioning parents and the entitlement culture collide. The first wave of digital natives, young adult children today,  struggle to become established in their own right as households.

On the cyber trend front, we have seen the migration from Facebook, which is text and status oriented content, into social media sites that are image and video centric, capturing the moment and the thought of the “nano-second” with applications like Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  • (Access parenting resources here.)

Below are links to some of the articles reflecting the new demands on parents to address trends in cyber technology and youth culture from the past year.

Parenting digital natives

Confronting the bully culture

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Drug and alcohol culture

About Banana Moments

In 2004, I stopped working outside the home to focus on family and community business. The advent of the Internet and the mobile phone in the home cause me concern and keen interest in the dynamic of family relations, in particular the parent-child bond. So I started writing and researching various topics of concern in order to support family life in a cyber-powered world. “Banana Moments” is the name I gave the rewards, surprises and challenges of raising kids in the network culture; it is the title of my journalism.

  • The key is relating parental authority in a world that empowers children at young ages with access to information and people.
  • There is a tremendous opportunity to form more rich and authentic bonds between the parent and child in this network environment.
  • And because the cyber powered world is dynamic, and the convergence of technology is so rapid, it is important to remain informed about current trends in youth culture, popular culture and technology.

In 2006, Banana Moments quarterly was issued as a PDF. Starting this year it will be presented in a web-enabled format and supplemented with monthly updates based upon articles produced for the Sacramento Cyber Safety Examiner on and CyberParenting Topics for The Family Morning Show on The Fish 103.9FM, and podcasts of Three Moms and a Mike, a talk show which addresses the social issues facing children and families.

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Joanna Jullien is an author and speaker on strengthening the parent-child relationship in a cyber powered world. She is the author of The Authority In Me: The Power of Family Life in the Network Culture, produces The Sacramento Cyber Safety Examiner column on, and is the CyberParenting advisor on The Fish 103.9FM, Tuesdays.


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About Joanna Jullien

Joanna Jullien

Joanna ( and her husband have raised two sons in Roseville, CA. She has a degree from U.C. Berkeley in Social Anthropology (corporate culture). Her honors thesis was awarded the Kroeber Prize and funding from National Science Foundation grant. Joanna writes to help parents with the modern-day leadership challenges of raising children. She is a contributing writer for The Granite Bay View, the Press Tribune, the Sacramento Examiner, and editor of Banana Moments.