FBI ChildID app offers prarents preparedness without fear

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Special Agent Steve Dupree, Sacramento FBI Office

SACRAMENTO — The FBI just released a free mobile phone app that enables parents to provide the authorities with immediate identity information including current images in the event a child is lost or kid knapped.

Special Agent Steve Dupre of the Sacramento FBI office encourages parents to consider this child identity application as a tool that will act as insurance, but does not signal a rise in the threat of child abduction.

“In the unlikely event that something does happen and you need help from authorities to locate your missing child, this application will allow you to instantly deliver the necessary information to immediate mobilize support, including Ambert Alert in California,” Dupre said.

The ChildID app is currently available on iPhone, but will soon be released to other smart phone platforms such as Android.

FBI Free ChildID app for mobile phones

“In the past we have relied upon the distribution of child identity kids to parents attending college football games, in long time partnership with the American Football Coaches Association, and the distribution was expensive and very limited. Now we can expand the delivery to any parent with a smart phone, which is a huge improvement,” Dupre said, “The first few hours after a child disappears is the most critical and this application gives us a great head start in the search.”

According to Dupre, the identification kits issued with the AFCA at football games also included DNA samples, such as hair or saliva in addition to photos and information about height, weight, etc.  The ChildID phone app does not include the DNA information at this time, but ponders the possibility of eventually capturing a fingerprint digitally. “This app nevertheless gives the authorities an instant start without DNA samples. The benefit is tremendous,” Dupre said.

To learn more go to: FBI ChildID app.

Access audio tutorial of FBI ChildID app.

To access the free download, go to iTunes Store.

(Ref: 503-e-BM)

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