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How to help children be realistic with career goals

Thursday, March 7th, 2013
With skyrocketing unemployment rates and millions of jobs lost to China, India, and other countries overseas in the last ten years, it’s no wonder we as parents are worried about our children’s future careers. Gone it seems are the traditional lifetime career paths, focused on primarily one in depth area of study. Today’s work requires global savvy and a multi-disciplinary approach to education. Given consistent ‘change’ is the only variable we can count on for our children’s future.

Koinonia Homes for Teens: Helping foster youth overcome fatherlessness

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

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Bill Ryland, and his wife Camilla, have spent over 30 years providing a family life for foster youth. Today their own children are grown, and they operate the Koinonia Home for Teens in Loomis, California.

A Level 12 dual diagnosis residential treatment program, Koinonia accommodates 12 girls and 18 boys in separate single family homes. The foster youth in addition to coming from …

Parenting in the network monthly round up: Banana Moments (January 2013)

Saturday, January 26th, 2013
No doubt this will be a year to strike a balance between what we must expect of ourselves as individuals and a society. There will be passionate cries for action whether it be more gun control and parental control with regard to the unthinkable things our children can do. And yet it remains that the one thing every parent and child can do is hold ourselves accountable for our individual thoughts and actions. The bully culture encourages us to believe that the power is not within - it is with other people. So it tells us we need to be more controlling of others' actions, or that we are powerless to resist the angry urges to "get even" when we feel wronged. It is quite simply, giving power to insecurity. There can be no peace when we act out of anxiety or fear.

Are digital natives doomed to a life in the shadow of their parents?

Friday, January 11th, 2013

This week I came across a very provocative article in Forbes about the apparent co-dependency between baby boomer parents and their adult children referred to as “entitled Millennials”.  The article pointed out how parents are inextricably linked to children in ways that could be considered micro-managing or “helicopter parenting.”  The author, Maureen Henderson, cited a case where a University of Cincinnati student secured a restraining order against her parents who monitored all her communications and …

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