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Preparing for internet porn and sex in the social network

Thursday, June 12th, 2014
Internet porn and sexting is about power and control in the realm of hearts and minds; it is about human exploitation which is glorified on and off line in popular culture and in cyber-powered peer communities. These are adult issues because they evoke primal emotion that can be challenging to tame at any age, and our job as the primary teachers is to help children learn how to discipline their own thinking so they can overcome responses to such worldly images and experiences that can make us feel powerless. Moreover, historically, parenting is viewed as a prevention only exercise. Conventional wisdom of popular parenting culture suggests that if we are good parents our children will become model citizens beyond reproach. And yet, the physical and cyber realms of our world introduce the pressure to surrender personal power (i.e, the free will to choose what to believe and then how to respond) with very seductive, convincing, addictive and exploitative agendas of others that disturb the peace and can disrupt our capacity to think with the mind of our greater selves -the divinity within.

The value of fatherhood in America: Are the dads missing in action?

Friday, March 8th, 2013

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The past few months, the topic of manhood and fatherhood has surfaced in my fieldwork – especially in the wake of the school shootings, and the questions raised in the headlines about the mental health of the young men full of murderous rage.

The absent father in American life is evidenced by an unraveling …

Dads taking the lead with their daughters

Thursday, March 7th, 2013
Concerned that there is a great need for opportunities for father-daughter experiences where Dads can take the lead and make their daughters feel very special, Clark organized a father-daughter evening called My Princess & Me Dance, which took place last month.

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