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For the love of fathers, husbands, sons and brothers

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

shutterstock_199317464_sad_teen_male-640So by my faith I know that the purpose and power of women in marriages, families and communities, as mothers, daughters, sisters and wives, is to pray for our men so as to fully communicate the love of God expressed in Romans 8:38-39, and by faith equip their hearts and minds with abundant grace, as fathers, husbands, sons and brothers. This can only be accomplished when I ask for divine guidance in responding to the …

The number one cyber concern for parents and what to do about it

Monday, January 18th, 2016
At the beginning of the year, United Health Care issued a feature about a Pew report survey finding that parents across socio-economic boundaries rank bullying as the number one concern for their children.

Why parents of student athletes should be silent:Tips to avoid the cyberbully effect

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016
...Role clarification is a beautiful thing, and is easily obscured by misplaced desires to be in control of the successes in your child’s sports and school life. Unchecked, the devices beckon us to let it all hang out – all of the mistakes you witnessed your child’s coach make, and the unfair decisions about who to play and when. In the heat of the moment, broadcasting your dismay is a natural impulse. After all if your child’s sports experience is being sullied by someone who doesn’t care about the children like you do, or who is simply not qualified to coach, why sit by and say nothing? ...

Is your teen getting mental health advice from the internet?

Monday, October 5th, 2015
Mental health is a touchy subject, and youth are very confident about searching for information via the internet. So it is not surprising that a recent article via BBC News featured a concern that teens are seeking mental health advice from the internet and not involving the adults in their lives. But more interesting to me is that parents were not mentioned as one of the “go to” resources for youth seeking assistance with mental health issues. This made me wonder how parents can realize their role in their children’s mental health.

Tips to teach kids to respond to the cruelty of cyberbullying

Monday, September 14th, 2015
Cyberbullying is an age-old issue, bullying, which is intensified with mass communication power. Insecurity expressing itself with intensity that previous generations have not known, cyberbullying amplifies the perception of power disparity between individuals and groups to disturb the peace in ways that can convince youth who are attacking that there is no limit to harassment, and by the same token for individuals under attack to believe there is no hope for a future. It is a disconnect from truth and powerlessness with intensity that can break a person, which is why I understand youth suicide has become a more common headline than in generations past.

Help your child know the difference between stranger-danger and on-line friendships

Monday, August 10th, 2015
Last month, for example, the Sacramento FBI office reached out for public assistance to identify victims of a sextortion pedophile who had terrorized over 350 girls ranging in age from 12 to 14 years. This is every parent’s nightmare for their tech-savvy child; that a sexual predator would seduce and then deface your child’s sense of worth, liberty and dignity. His method of operation was to introduce himself on-line as a teen boy who expressed interest, and then convinced them to compromise themselves with sexually explicit images. Once he had enough to threaten to expose them to their family and friends, he continued to demand more sexual favors which he recorded and documented for his pleasure and profit. All of this transpired on-line and in their own homes.

Pedophile who extorted child porn photos from teens is jailed: FBI seeks to identify & help victims

Monday, July 13th, 2015
The victims of this pedophile need to know that their experience with him was a lie that became a real experience and it is only true for them, their identity, if they allow it to be so in their own minds. (Romans 12:2). I pray that the remaining victims are found and are able to receive closure and a measure of peace from knowing that nothing can separate them from the love that comes from the heart of God: Divine Love.

How it is possible to cyberbully your own child

Monday, July 6th, 2015
Over the past few months, more headlines have surfaced about parents publicly shaming their children by posting images on line about their wrong doing and discipline. What this indicates to me is a misunderstanding about what it means to discipline, which is to inspire others to learn by your own example, counsel and instruction.

Dealing with middle school hostility on and off-line

Monday, April 27th, 2015
The cyber technology shields people from the emotional reaction to cruel statements, and inspires people to lose inhibitions with illusions of anonymity, believing they will never be accountable for the hurtful things that are expressed. Without a disciplined mind, which I understand to be socialization that involves regarding others as important as self; without the training and guidance of parents monitoring communications on and off line to point out examples of how their child’s own self respect and compassion for another human being is devolving into hostile and unloving ways, our children are experiencing an intensely cruel and vicious bully climate in their cyber social realms and in the flesh. "Go kill yourself. You're a nobody.” – an opening line in a bully letter to a sophomore in high school reported by a Georgia newspaper this month

Access to your child’s social media will not stop cyberbullying

Monday, January 26th, 2015
...Granting schools access to the social media of a child suspected of bullying may complicate things and create more harm. It would, it seems, make more sense to mandate the parent provide access to the account without giving up the password, so as to facilitate the investigation of an incident and limit access for that purpose alone. If the school’s mandate is to stop bullies because of the threat of lawsuits or career black eyes, and the fearful mindset is to seek control of individuals rather than teaching all students involved to expect accountability with compassion and to seek the justice for all involved, then we are at risk of perpetuating the “blame” mentality which inspires more bullying by the “righteous”...

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